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What you get

No more ads

After you have logged in on, you will no longer see any ads displayed on the map page, or on any tutorial / blog page.


You will be able to make your own presentations with Breakdown Notes. Check out this presentation to get an idea of what is possible

Drawing mode

You can draw with a pen or with a mouse. There is the option to draw shapes and connections, which you can move, and add paragraps to, just like other shapes.

What you have to pay


The cost differ per country. For countries inside the EU tax (VAT) wil be added. Pricing excluding VAT is 1.50 EUR per month.


Payment will be for a fixed period in months. There is no auto-renewal for the subscription. Minimum period is 3 months. After the period, you can choose to renew your subscription.

Payment method

You can pay with creditcard or, if you have a dutch bankaccount, with iDEAL. Payment is handled with Stripe.

What else


You will need to register with Breakdown Notes if you choose the Single subscription. To register, we will ask an email address, your name and of course a password.
Breakdown Notes uses Auth0 for authentication. You will see there names pop up in login screens or e-mails regarding authentication or password resets.

Supported browsers

You will need a recent browser on a laptop or desktop. And although we work hard to make Breakdown Notes perform equal in all browsers, right now that's not the case.
Breakdown Notes works best and is most performant in Chrome or Opera. It also works in Firefox, but is noticebly slower.

Just try it out

Be sure to test out if it works in your browser first. There's a free mode, with which you can use to check if things are to your liking. Apart from what described in 'What you get', there is no difference.

Feel save


We will not scan or share the contents of your maps. If you want to share your map, you will need to do that.
All information we ask or collect (like email / country) are used to calculate a proper price, and for fraud detection with the credit card payment.

See the footer for a link to both the terms of service and the privacy policy


You can apply for a refund without reason upto 14 days into your subsciption. Mail to with your account email and date of payment. You will be refunded within 2 weeks.

After 14 days, if you think you have a valid complaint, please let us know. We might still consider giving a refund. Mail also to with your account email and date of payment. But then do not forget to also give a reason for (the belated apply for) a refund.