FAQ's about Breakdown Notes

What is Breakdown Notes?

Breakdown Notes is an online tool to make diagrams, mindmaps, notes and presentations.

Notes? What kind of notes ?

Breakdown Notes is great for taking notes you probably will need to rethink, restructure or present later. For instance notes you take during lectures, discussion, or brainstorming. If it's just a list or a recipe, better use a different tool.

What is diagram ?

A diagram is an expression of an idea using more then just words to present structure and relations. Think layout/positioning, size, colors, shapes, arrows, groups.

What is mindmap ?

Just a diagram, mostly using layout to create overview and connections between concepts.

How does Breakdown Notes compare to other tools?

Most programs are great at making notes / text editing, or great at making diagrams: You can either easily add and alter text, or you can easily add shapes. Breakdown Notes intermingles text, shapes and positioning way better. Adding text and shapes is easy, moving stuff anywhere is easy, and styling is easy. And because Breakdown Notes is easy to get started with and does not need registration, others can build upon your work.

What can I use it for ?

Brainstorming, organisational charts, diagrams, mindmaps, presentations, note taking during lecture, making minutes during discussion, uml diagram, routing diagram, moodboards, post-it-sessions, table seatings, tournament diagrams, experience maps, customer journeys etc

Who can use it?

Everybody with a recent browser or a laptop or desktop can use it.

Are my maps save?

As long as you do not share your maps using github gist, they are as save as your computer and as save as where you choose to store your maps.

I have a question. What do I do?

Mail me at info@breakdown-notes.com. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have feedback. Wanna hear it?

Yes please! Mail me at info@breakdown-notes.com